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Air Cooled Chiller Systems for Motor Coaches, Buses, and RVs


Finally, an alternative to the noisy, cumbersome, rooftop air conditioning systems installed on most Class A Motor Coaches and Buses!

Whisperaire™ offers a new design which provides quiet airflow into the cabin. These revolutionary new air conditioning systems are designed to be installed in the basement, or lower compartment of the vehicle, not on the rooftop. Fuel economy is improved because there is less drag on the vehicle. These high efficiency systems are easy to install, take up a minimum of precious cargo space, and use a multiple compressor system which works on 120 Volt (or 220 Volt), and draws low amperage. The unique electric system allows up to 60,000 BTUs on 120 Volt (220 Volt also availiable).

The use of multiple compressors provides a very dependable system which can continue to function even if one compressor should become inoperative. These systems use air-cooled heat exchangers which draw air from a louver in the basement door (or lower compartment). The warm air is then discharged below the vehicle. The slide-out base plate allows for easy access for service. The slide-out base plate must be installed if there is no accessibility on any other side. For detailed information, please contact us.

WAWC Series

This is a self-contained water chilled system. The condenser, which is installed in the basement compartment, uses water mixed with antifreeze or glycol to produce chilled water. The chilled water solution is then piped to multiple air handlers located throughout the vehicle. Each air handler is zone controlled with a separate digital controller. A choice of air handlers are offered with these systems. Air handlers can be standard ducted type, direct flow which uses no duct, or free standing.

WAAC Series

This series is a self-contained air-cooled system. The condenser and air handler are one piece. In this type of system, air is ducted from a multiple plenum attached to the unit, delivers air to various grills placed throughout the cabin.


Heat can be added to either system. Either series uses a unique design electric tubular heat coil which is located in the air handlers, or in the blower of the unit. Heat can also be added to an existing water furnace system that is standard in most Class A Motorcoaches. Complete installation/owner's manual is included with each system. Sales support for installation and technical/troubleshooting assistance is always available. Parts for complete installation, including water hoses, fire-proof duct, hoses, clamps, discharge grills in multiple sizes and colors, are available. There is no additional charge for custom designed systems per specific application.

Estimated production for 2008 is 500 pieces. Whisperaire™ systems are designed, engineered, and manufactured by Quorum Marine & Electronics, Inc. Director Joseph Baruch who has 38 years experience designing and manufacturing A/C and refrigeration systems for the government, marine, commercial, and industrial institutions.

For more information on this unique, revolutionary, quiet, efficient system, please contact us.

Basic Installation Diagram

Air Handlers / Fan Coils


QU323 Microprocessor Control  

QU323 Microprocessor Control

60,000 BTU dual-compressor air-cooled condenser designed for Motor Coaches, Buses, and RVs.
Industrial, low-profile 60,000 BTU air-cooled condenser with dual compressors designed for motor coaches, buses, RVs, and other mobile applications.

60,000 BTU four-compressor air-cooled condenser designed for Motor Coaches, Buses, and RVs.
Industrial, low-profile 60,000 BTU air-cooled condenser with four compressors designed for motor coaches, buses, RVs, and other mobile applications.

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